Can Leads from Unbounce be classified by campaign, category, etc?

Yes, Impel supports a number of default categories and Custom Fields that can be used to classify, categorize and even route Leads as needed. Further, Unbounce submissions can be configured to carry, say, the actual pages that Leads were collected on, so that information can be used in routing/categorizing Leads when they land up in Impel.

Does a user have to be logged in to Impel to deal with an Unbounce lead?

Yes, the user does need to be logged in to process a Lead that was delivered via the Unbounce integration. Note, though, that data from Unbounce will flow into Impel regardless of whether users are logged in or not; every time a Lead hits Unbounce, Unbounce automatically submits it to Impel. And Impel receives the data and processes it as configured, including running workflows. For example, if a workflow has been defined to assign incoming Unbounce Leads to specific users or via round-robin, those Leads will be assigned on receipt, even if the relevant users are not logged in.

Can Impel send out an automatic email or an SMS to an Unbounce Lead?

Yes, Impel Workflow can be configured to send out an email or an SMS of a predefined format when an Unbounce Lead is brought into Impel.