Does a user have to be logged in to Impel to take an inbound Knowlarity call?

No, the user does not need to be logged into Impel to receive an inbound call on his/her phone. But since s/he is not logged into Impel, s/he will not see the details of the calling consumer, like s/he would in the Impel pop-up. Further, Impel will attempt to find the user among its log-ins (using the phone number that Knowlarity transferred the call to) and, since the user is not logged in, Impel will add the call as an activity with “no user found” in the subject field.

Does the user have to be in the office to take an inbound Knowlarity call?

No, the user does not need to in the office to take a call or be logged into Impel. Users can log into Impel from anywhere in the world, since it is a Cloud solution.

Can we route calls to “sticky” agents, i.e. agents who have been assigned specific Leads or Contacts in Impel?

Yes, it is possible to route calls from Knowlarity to specific agents based on a variety of rules in Impel. This feature is not available by default, though: it needs some configuration work on the Knowlarity side and on the Impel side.

Can users take back-to-back calls from Knowlarity in Impel?

When a user gets a call via Knowlarity (SIVR), that particular number is typically marked “busy” in Knowlarity till the user disposes of the related pop-up in Impel. This is so configured to allow the user some time after every call to make notes in Impel. This can instead be configured such that the user gets the next call regardless of Impel’s disposition, but this is not recommended.

What level of detail can we expect to see in Impel about the calls that Knowlarity routes?

Knowlarity updates Impel twice for each call, once when the call is routed to a user and again when the call ends. In the second update, Knowlarity gives Impel a whole lot of information called the Call Data Record, including the specific time the call came in, the time it was disconnected, any routing that it did along the way and so on. Separately, Impel also tracks the time a call was disposed and other such details. All these details - from Impel and from Knowlarity - can be used in reports within Impel.

How does one set up a new or different phone extension for a user?

Adding or changing an extension for a user currently needs to be done twice - once in Knowlarity and once in Impel. In Impel, you can change the user’s phone extension on his/her user Details page.

Can users make outbound calls from Impel via Knowlarity?

Yes, users can make outbound calls by clicking on a phone number in Impel. This mechanism is guaranteed to work in Chrome and in Firefox, the two browsers that Impel recommends.

Can Impel or Knowlarity send out an email or an SMS to the calling/called consumer at the end of a phone call?

Yes, both Impel and Knowlarity can be configured to send out an SMS at the end of a phone call. Impel can also be configured to send out an email of a predefined format when a call completes.