When you start using Impel to manage Tickets for you, you get the ability to forward all your support emails to an Impel managed support ID of the format mycompanysupport@data.impelops.com. Any email sent to this email ID automatically gets converted to a ticket that your support team can start working with. When an email gets converted to a Ticket in Impel, the subject of the Email becomes the Ticket name, the content of the email gets mapped to the Problem field and the sender of the email gets mapped to the Reported by Contact field on the Ticket. You can also set up workflow rules to decide how these tickets should get assigned to specific agents. You can also send regular updates about the ticket to the email sender by configuring email notifications. Please talk to your Impel support agent on configuring these Workflow rules and notifications. 

  1. First, establish an email ID in your company's email system that your customers will send Support-related emails to. Typically, that would be something like 'support@mycompany.com'. Let's call it the 'Original Support ID'.
  2. Next, use this page to set an email-to-ticket process in Impel. When you complete the fields below and click Enter, you will be given an email ID in the Impel email system. Let's call this your 'Impel-managed Support ID'.
  3. Finally, set up an auto-forward mechanism in your company's email system that forwards emails sent to the Original Support ID to the Impel-managed Support ID.

Once this is done, your customer's emails automatically become Tickets in Impel. It works in this manner:

  1. Your customer sends an email (i.e. requests for support) to the Original Support ID.
  2. Your email system auto-forwards that email to your Impel-managed Support ID.
  3. As soon as Impel receives an email, it creates a Ticket and lets your customer know that a ticket has been created, with a unique Ticket Number.
  4. Your users, using Impel, will see the inbound email as a Ticket in Impel.
  5. Assigned users in Impel can respond to each ticket.
  6. Your customer will see responses coming from your Original Support ID, i.e. the ID s/he sent the email to, so there is no confusion about who is responding to the emails.


  • All conversations with customers are done using your company's email ID, via your company's email server, so customers can fully trust the emails that they receive.
  • Emails are sent from Impel using the Original Support ID, via the email server specified in your organization's configuration in Impel.
  • Customers can continue to send multiple emails to the Original Support ID. They will all be tied to the original ticket as long as the subject in the email includes the ticket number that Impel assigns. If the ticket ID is missing, a new ticket will be created.
  • Every email from your customer will cause Impel to respond with an email saying someone will get back shortly.
  • You can optionally ask your users to use one of a set of templates to respond with, including their own name in the signature, so that there is some personalization in the response.

Quick steps for configuring Email to Ticket in Impel.

To configure Email to Ticket process in Impel, you need to be logged in with Administrator privileges.

  • Log in to Impel as an Administrator
  • Click on the System tab
  • Click on the Email-to-Ticket Configuration link as shown in the image above.
  • Click on the Add E2T sub tab.
You will now see the screen below.

Add in details for the fields. The fields in red are Mandatory fields. You MUST enter values for these fields. The description for the fields are defined in the screen above. Once you have added the details for all the fields, click on the Add Configuration button. You will see the following screen.

The Forwarded to Email ID is the Impel managed support ID. Impel automatically generates this for you.

Now all you need to do is to ask your IT / Systems Administrator to forward all emails from your support email ID to the Impel managed support ID. They can set up a rule to automatically forward all emails to the Impel managed support ID. That's it. You're ready to have emails from your customers start appearing as Tickets in Impel.