You can configure to enable Impel login for your users from your own web page. Here's what you need to do to enable this.

Logging in to Impel:

  • You need to provide two text boxes on your web page for the User-ID and Password
  • Check for Input Validation (both boxes should be non-empty; User-ID should be in a valid email format)
  • After validation, you need to hit the following POST URL using Ajax*****

  • You will be returned an HTML page with a Title. The Title will define whether the authentication was a success.
  • If the Authentication was a success, the page will have a Title of "IMPEL"
  • If the Authentication was not a success, the page will have a Title of "IMPEL LOGIN PAGE"
  • Based on a successful authentication, use the following URL to redirect  
window.location.href = "*****"

Forgot password processing:
  • Provide a text box where your user can key in the User-ID
  • Hit the following GET URL with your org's specific mq  /atCRM/custom/system/checkUserId.json?mq=   "+email_id
  • You will be returned the tenant_id for your org in the JSON response
  • If the tenant_id is blank or NULL, then the User-ID was invalid
  • If tenant_id contains a value, then the User-ID was valid.
  • You need to hit the following GET URL "/atCRM/custom/system/checkHintQA.json?mq="+email_id+"&tenantId="+tenant_id