Impel's Email Marketing module enables you to design, execute and track Email campaigns quickly and effectively. Use the Campaign manager's filter and Link Contact feature while adding a Marketing Program or Impel's powerful Adhoc Report Engine to segment your list accurately. Create and send out your campaign easily with a simple wizard based interface. Track all responses, not just to the campaign, but down to purchases made.

Impel understands the importance and value of communication with customers in any business scenario. One of the best ways of communicating is through email. Impel provides the option of using email to reach a large number of customers by sending mass emails with just few clicks. You can also create Auto responders, schedule mass emails through FERs and Workflows, and create html email templates that are ready to use. It works with the contact that you have collected from various sources. With the ability to analyze and segment your data in various ways, you can be sure that the right message gets through to the right prospect. And do it without the hassles of having to import and export data back and forth between your CRM and your E-mail marketing solution. Impel' Email Marketing module is designed to integrate everything from your Contact lists to your campaigns to responses to sales – all in one integrated CRM solution.

Impel's Email Marketing Functionality helps you: 

  • Sent Content Specific Emails
  • Schedule Mass Email
  • Link Contacts in the database
  • Send Mass Emails
  • Check Bounced Email
  • Analytical Reports
  • Number of opens
  • Number of Clicks with the URL clicked on 


Impel’s E-Marketing module automates email campaign execution, freeing you to focus on the message, the targeting and the analysis. Brings you some incredible benefits.

• Boost customer communication with tailored, focused messages to your contact lists

• Talk specifically to customer needs by segmenting and targeting your lists based on specific criteria

• Save time and effort by doing everything within the same system

• Get immediate response and action by scheduling delivery when your prospects are most likely to read and react.

Steps to create a Campaign: 

How to create Marketing Campaigns/ Marketing Program Manually and Quickly

You can enter Marketing Campaign details manually under Marketing Tab. Here are the steps to create a Marketing Campaign.

1. Under Marketing tab, click on Add Marketing Program button

2. Fill in the Marketing Program / Campaign details

3. Fill in the important fields like Description, Start Date, End Date and Territory..

4. Click Save

Create Emailing List 

You can send emails to selected list of Contacts or by Linking the contacts based on filtered criteria while saving the Marketing Program. You can select records from existing list, filters, or you can create reports manually.


Steps to create an Emailing list

1. Click on Marketing tab

2. While Saving look for  

3. Click Add & Link you will notice a screen to filter the data and drop-down to select from existing filters,  

4. Click and Set Filters to select from existing records

5. Click Link Contact to add from existing Contacts

6. After your list is Linked with the Marketing Program , click Send email on the List of All Programs. On the contextual list you will find Send Email option.


Adding Contacts to Marketing Program through Reports

1. Click on Report tab

2. Click on New Report to select the base Object.

3. You will notice a screen where you can select the output fields and filter the data.  

4. Click and Set Filters to select from existing Contact records

5. Click Save and Run to add report and run the report to see the result.

6. After your list is run the report you will find an option Add to Campaign. You can Link the contacts in your report with the Marketing Program that you have created.

7. Now the Contacts are all added the marketing Program and this will also tell the number of contacts that had bounced last time.

Sending emails and tracking just few clicks away

How to create an Email Template 

Impel gives you the flexibility to create and choose from a range of predefined, User and Design Own email templates. The inbuilt template designer makes it easy for you to create html content, add text, edit even after you select the template, define styles,fonts,colours , insert images, Personalize your email by choosing  correct  field. Absolutely no programming knowledge or coding required.




Sending  A Marketing Campaign 

Once you have your targeted list and email template ready, you can start with the process. You can send your campaign to the selected Contacts in your database. You can segregate your lists with almost any field criteria. We suggest once your Email template is ready, you can send test mail to yourself or someone you know to check the deliverability and the appearance of your email campaign. Impel also give you a preview just before sending the campaign out.

Schedule Campaigns 

Scheduled Campaigns feature gives you the ability to schedule your campaigns on specific days and time. You can create it when you have time and System will take care of the time and date when you wanted  this to go out. Before scheduling an email campaign, make sure that you have configured an appropriate time zone in your My Profile Page.


Analyze Marketing Campaigns 

After the campaign is out now you are keen to know who has opened, clicked and unsubscribed. How many emails were bounced? That's exactly what you can get in the Analytical Reports.



You can also go to Impel's Adhoc Reports and Create a report with the required Criteria to analyze the number of Campaigns sent out in last three months with the number of bounces or to see the Bounce Reasons.