Can the sync process be automated/ Scheduled?

Yes, the iTally utility can be set up to run automatically. In the sync utility, you can choose the time interval at which you would like to sync data. 

Can we archive the Tally Sync Data? Can we take backup of the synced data? 
Data, when synced with Impel, is always available online in Impel, so there is no need for archiving anything. On the other hand, Impel data is automatically backed up every few hours and that backup will include data synced from Tally.

Can we have a specific format of printing an Invoice ? 
In Impel, we can configure the specific print-layout of invoice that you require. This is part of the configuration that we do for you. We would need to review your specific Invoice and give you an estimate of time and effort for configuring it. This would depend on the complexity of your invoice format. This is a separately priced component. Please check the Pricing page for exact prices for template configuration.

Can we select what to sync? What if we want to sync only from Impel to Tally ? 
Yes, you can choose the direction of data synchronization. These are simple checkbox options that you select in iTally. 

Can we sync data even if we have customized Tally ERP 9 as per our needs? 
Yes, you can sync data even if you have customized Tally.ERP9. But the iTally utility syncs a standard set of fields for Accounts, Products, Orders and Invoices. If you need other fields synchronized, please contact us. We can check the possibility of custom-adding those fields for you.

Does the sync work both ways? 
Yes. You can synchronize data from Impel to Tally.ERP9 AND from Tally.ERP9 to Impel. You can choose to sync only one way, using the options on the Impel-Tally sync utility (iTally). 

How do we set up the company details to sync? 
iTally has a simple user interface, where you choose the name of the Tally company that you want to sync. You will also need to select the Impel user-ID and password for the Impel Organization, where the data needs to be synced.

How many logins do we need for Impel-Tally integration? 
You only need ONE Impel login for the Tally integration. All data from and to Tally will be pulled and pushed from Impel using that one ID Other than that, every user that needs to access Impel must have a separate user-id. Let us say you have 3 sales people and 1 manager that need to access Impel. Then you will need 5 logins - 3 for the sales people, 1 for the manager and 1 for the Tally Sync, which could also be the ID that you use as the Administrator for Impel. Please note that the iTally utility runs under a specific user-ID and password. When the iTally sync process is running, you cannot use that same user-id and password to access other functions in Impel. The minimum number of Impel users that you need to purchase is 3 users.

How should Tally be installed? Where should Tally be installed? 
You should install Tally.ERP9 in the normal way. Please ensure that Tally in installed in C:\\Program Files\Tally.ERP9 or in C:\\Tally.ERP9 which is the default folder in which Tally.ERP9 gets installed. If you have installed Tally.ERP9 in a different drive and folder, the Impel-Tally sync utility will NOT work for you.

If we have Tally installed at multiple Branches do we have to pay for one setup or multiple installations? 
The iTally utility needs to be installed on the desktop/server on which Tally is installed. If you have Tally installed in your branches and you want the data from the branches to be synchronized, then you will need to license and install iTally at each branch. 

What all can we sync between Impel and Tally.ERP9? 
We currently synchronize Customers (into Accounts in Impel), Products (into Products), Orders (into Order Headers and Order Details) and Invoices (into Invoice Headers and Details) between Tally.ERP9 and Impel. 

What do I need to do to install the Impel sync utility for Tally? 
iTally can be downloaded from our website and installed directly on the Windows desktop or laptop that Tally ERP9 (or later) is installed on. After installation, iTally will look for Tally in the default locations that Tally is normally installed at (on the C Drive, directly under \ or in the Program Files directory). Once found, iTally will list the Companies available in Tally, for you to select the one that you would like to sync with Impel. 

What if we have multiple companies created in Tally? How do we handle that? 
The iTally utility synchronizes data from one company in Tally with one organization in Impel. So if you have multiple companies in Tally, then we suggest you will need multiple organizations in Impel. set up in Impel and synced separately. You could sync data from multiple companies in Impel into one organization in Impel by changing the details in the Configuration pop-up window. You would do this if you want to report across the multiple companies. 

Where does the Impel-Tally sync utility need to be installed? 
iTally needs to be installed on the same desktop/server where you have Tally.ERP9 installed. If you want to be able to sync data from multiple branches where you are running Tally.ERP 9, then you need iTally to be installed in each of those branches. 

Will it sync with older versions of Tally? 
Impel synchronizes with Tally.ERP9 and later.